True Manufacturing 801892 Surge Protector

Surge Protector

    Price: $162.86 Each

    Manufacturer: True Manufacturing

    Item #: 801892

    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds

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    Surge Protector Description:

    Surge Protector, VDS16P Protects Compresssor; Shuts power off to compressor for 180 seconds if voltage goes below 105 or above 126V. Every 180 seconds checks power and comes on when within correct range. All other lighting/motors remain on if there is sufficient power. for True Manufacturing model GDM-33.

    This Item Also Fits the Following True Manufacturing Models:

    GDM-33 , GDM-47 , T-23-2 , T-24-GC , T-36-GC , T-49 , TBB-24-48 , TBB-4 , TD-50-18 , TSSU-48-8 , TUC-67D-2 , TWT-48 , True Parts